Since Karen Yorio has come through both divorce and single motherhood, she has compassion and empathy for those that are going through this heart-breaking life experience.  Born into a traditional Christian family and having been raised in the Midwest, she believes in the white picket fence in spite of her divorce. Since her divorce, God blessed her with her husband, Fran, who has proven to be an influential spiritual leader in her life.  The two of them facilitated a divorce support group in their church for over four years, and her faith grew tremendously out of this experience.  Now that they are married they are also involved in pre-marital mentoring for blended families.  Since her lifelong dream of publishing a book has come to fruition, she hopes to continue writing more books about divorce, blended family life, and anything else her heavenly Father inspires her to write.  She has worked within the educational system for most of her adult life, but her passion lies in writing, and she thanks God for that gift. In her own words, “When I write I feel connected to my Creator and feel that I am fulfilling his purpose for me.  I simply percolate with joy when spinning out a story!”  She and her husband reside in the Midwest and share a blended family of seven children and four grandchildren. 






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